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Carter floated the idea of slowing arms sales to Iran so they

WWAG: Weapons and ability options that are completely useless, don work with that specific weapon or ability, can only be used with specific Javelins even though the ability or weapon is only available on another Javelin again making it completely useless. Stats and mods that had no semblance of sense in their descriptions so you had/still have absolutely no idea how they help you and to make matters worse stats and mods that actually made things worse: overheat %age anyone? Stats and mods that serve absolutely no visible purpose due to other bugs like health and armor which changes EVERY. SINGLE.

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I glad the child was found but there are obvious flaws in this system and any feedback is responded with hate and accusations of promoting child murder which I think is silly. We should be able to criticize good things and bad things to work towards improvement. Just because something is good doesn mean it can be better..

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There more than enough space, especially if we (as a species) adopt denser living patterns. If everyone (7.53B people) lived in an area with the density of Manhattan (66940 people/sq mile), then we need 119524 sq miles to house everyone. That less than half the size of Texas.