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I wanted to ask you about a possible defect in it

Playing the alt fingerings for the highest notes and having it play those high notes was a real surprise and treat.marslander1251 1 point submitted 1 day agoWell while I was thinking about buying the as 10, my grown kids got me one. I’m getting used to the keywork being more compact than my kielwerth sx90 soprano. I wanted to ask you about a possible defect in it.

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Poirier hits hard and puts canada goose coats former champs away with volume. Aldo might get a lucky hail mary haymaker 1/10 times but Poirier dusts him 9/10 times.Poirier isnt a shorter wrestle boxer, he a legitimate beast on the feet who would be bigger than Aldo with a better gas tank.IHeartJiuJitsu123 1 point submitted 12 hours agoI think we fundamentally disagree. Sure, if Poirier puts that pace on Aldo without getting finished for it he wins.

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