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It was a helpful city, at one point

little bit of kindness goes a long way

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. An unlikely friendship canada goose outlet is sparking a conversation on the canada goose outlet reviews city’s far east side.

Kimberly Gough has lived on the streets for six months canada goose outlet online a time in her life where every penny counts. Instead canada goose outlet jackets of buying life’s essentials, she Canada Goose Jackets said making others smile is more important.

Montice Smith first saw Gough canadian goose jacket when he was leaving the store. He stopped to give her a canada goose outlet in usa dollar or two, but in return he received canada goose outlet new york city a flower. He canada goose outlet store didn’t expect it.

“She gave https://www.londonbc.co.uk me a flower and I canada goose black friday sale was like, are you serious? This is like serious right now,” said Smith.

Smith and Gough agree the exchange changed both their lives. This pair is hoping to spread their message canada goose uk shop of kindness in a neighborhood accustomed to violence.

“I didn’t realize that a canada goose outlet toronto factory simple flower can make his day, while he gave me a dollar which got me a cup of coffee,” said Gough.

“Once canada goose outlet nyc I got home I started to realize she has nothing and she’s still giving. Even the money that she makes she’s using it to make these items. I just loved it. It touched canada goose outlet shop me, it Canada Goose online was heartfelt,” Smith added.

Smith now checks up on Gough Canada Goose Online almost daily. He brings her items, canada goose outlet uk sale like a blanket or shampoo. He wants to show kindness comes in many forms around Indy.

“We used to just be helpful. It was a helpful city, at one point. Now, we just drive past homeless people, don’t look at them, try to look past them, and that’s not how we should be,” said Smith, “We should give to our fellow Hoosiers to help them out because in the end it’s like, it’s helping out Indianapolis as a whole.”

Gough says she’s not asking for donations. She just wants to break through canada goose outlet the negativity.

“I’ve had a kid give me the middle finger,” said Gough, “An elderly lady cussed me out for trying to give her a cross. That’s what I get every time I come out.”

They hope their unique friendship will inspire others to slow down and help.

“Just stop,” said Smith, “If you see someone homeless or someone who’s in need, just stop and lend a helping hand. It takes nothing at times. She’s thanking me, but I’m thanking her.”

The friendship inspired Smith to create a nonprofit organization called HOPE, which stands for “Helping Out Public Environments.” His mission to get more people connected with the homeless around Indianapolis. He’s still in the canada goose store works of getting this non profit project up and running.

“When I’m down and buy canada goose jacket depressed and feel alone, I think of her. I think goose outlet canada of her story. This lady that’s out there still giving when she has nothing,” said Smith.