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The eldest brother of 3 girls and 4 boys

Charles Viley

Fort Worth, Texas was born December 16, 1931 cheap canada goose to Henry and Eddie Viley, in Fort Worth, Texas. The eldest brother of 3 girls and 4 boys, my father was driven to excel from an early age. He told me his earliest memory is of standing by his own father’s bedside as he passed away, watching the doctor pack away his tools into a battered old black leather bag, listening to official canada goose outlet the sound of his mother crying.

Dad went to school, working when he could during the summer picking cotton, a job he detested. He was canada goose outlet online forced to drop out in the ninth grade, to help his mother and family buy canada goose jacket cheap survive, and went to work at several cafeterias. Although he would dabble in other fields canada goose outlet canada trying to run businesses with his brother Elsea, or opening a restaurant in South Dakota he would always eventually return to Fort Worth.

He was married early in life, but later separated, and began working for Wyatt Cafeteria and Groceries in the 60’s. His determination and skill, both at cooking and at pushing himself to be the best, allowed him to canada goose clearance stand out from others, goose outlet canada and by the early 70’s he canada goose outlet uk sale was one of the first black assistant managers in the food service industry, something monumental given the still strained racial politics at the time. He was definately, based on my research, the first canada goose factory outlet black man to cheap Canada Goose be given manager canada goose coats on sale status and opening a million dollar cafeteria at Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth in 1977, the same year I was born.

My father rose higher in the Wyatt’s corporation, of course, eventually Canada Goose Outlet becoming the district supervisor of all of Fort Worth Wyatt operations. While a great cheap canada goose uk deal canada goose outlet online uk of my father’s life was bound up in his career, he still found time to be the best father a child could have. No one is perfect, all have flaws but how many fathers would take time away from promoting their career, or playing golf canada goose jacket outlet on country clubs, to spend entire days canada goose outlet black friday sitting in their son’s bedroom, talking to him about life, or simply buying him whatever he wanted?

It was from my father’s life his struggle to succeed, and his determination to be the best, no matter what that I learned to be the man I am. My father retired from Wyatt’s in the early 90’s, and spent Canada Goose Jackets some time organizing and developing a canada goose outlet world class food service organization at Bell Helicopter (mostly to see if he could still do it, I suspect) before settling down into what he claimed was “retirement”.

In his later years, as I grew, he relaxed more, playing dominos with his favorite newphew, Ray Bly, his pastor, or his friends at Lake Arlington, studying world Canada Goose sale events, and of course, living an active lifestyle. The picture of him on this site shows him as he was at seventy six years old. Still capable of working out a full hour, walking 18 holes of golf, and enjoying life.

We know now that, his final months of life were canada goose outlet store uk painful for him to some small degree, but he kept this from his family so that we wouldn’t https://www.rheingoenheim-info.de worry. He was developing prostate and possibly colon cancer, at the end, and when he passed he left behind a family canada goose outlet in usa that will never stop missing him and loving him, but that he did not put through the suffering of watching him die slowly and in pain.