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The tax discourages people from drinking soda and maybe

Slide toppers are optional, and you can remove it. If you choose to remove the actual hardware from the wall you need to seal the holes from any screws or bolts that were holding it in place. I personally would leave the hardware and keep the actual tube somewhere in case you decide to buy a new fabric and reinstall it down the road..

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You don see how your support the argument that this tax has nothing to do with pre k. The tax discourages people from drinking soda and maybe instead drink water, which you stated your in favor of. Well the catch 22 is that now more people are drinking water and less soda, but the city is making less money for the pre k program so they may need 1 million dollars for tax to allow all students to go to pre k but canada goose shop new york city instead maybe the city is only getting 250,000 (just making up numbers but the point is the same).

I been noticing this a ton lately because of Sekiro. I canada goose expedition parka black friday like, yeah, that nefarious scheme is called called networking and it how businesses based largely on freelancing are run, it the natural outcome of any media job that is based on subjective skill and requires you to be in a very social environment with other freelancers. But they just kept going on how that was then a “problem” for all industries with freelancers.