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uk canada goose They said I think it is Ramsey Hunt syndrome

who thought she had small cough wakes up with half her face paralysed

“I couldn drink my coffee, it was just dribbling out of Canada Goose Online my mouth and when I was trying to do my mascara to get ready for work, it just wouldn go on my eye was so irritated.”Paramedic claimed injured patient was suffering from canada goose outlet reviews Pi syndrome Doctors diagnosed Vhari with Ramsay Hunt syndrome August last year a rare https://www.amigosdecontreras.es form of shingles that attacks the facial nerves.The mum of two said: “I was scared. I couldn leave the house because I couldn shut my eye in case it was windy, and I had to tape my eye down every night otherwise I would sleep with one eye open.”I remember asking the doctor if canada goose clearance sale I would be able to smile canada goose outlet canada again and he couldn give me an answer, I just burst into tears.”I couldn bare any noise. I literally went from being the life and soul of the party to being a recluse.”Her symptoms started in August last year when she was suffering from tickly dry cough but thought she was just run down from work canada goose outlet nyc and her personal life.Teen fined for trying to kill herself is told she caused inconvenience She said: “All I had was a sore throat. Canada Goose Jackets I didn think anything of it I am a busy mum and a nurse.”I just thought I should take some painkillers because when I had a look in goose outlet canada my mouth I couldn see anything wrong I saw these tiny canada goose outlet shop blisters but you just don think.”And then I was driving on my canada goose factory sale way canada goose outlet black friday back from work and I was drinking a can of canada goose uk shop Irn Bru and I was thinking this just isn tasting right, it was like the flavour just wasn there.””But typically I just kept going. I just thought I would go to work.”But as I was trying to drink my coffee on the way to work but canada goose outlet sale it was just going canada goose outlet parka all over my face.”I just thought I have to go to A because I thought I was having a stroke. I couldn talk and I couldn smile.”And canada goose outlet jackets as soon as I arrived they looked at me and got the stroke team to come over immediately.”Vhari says she was referred canada goose jacket outlet for a blood test, ECG, blood pressure, and urgent CT scan but results came back and nothing appeared to be wrong.She was then referred to cheap canada goose the neurology department in which they noted it was Ramsey Hunt syndrome.She said: “They saw that I had blisters in the roof of my Canada Goose sale mouth and in my ears. uk canada goose They said I think it is Ramsey Hunt syndrome and I was then referred to canada goose outlet store uk the ENT (ear nose and throat department).Girl, 16, kills herself after friends vote in life or death Instagram poll”They gave me 16 tablets to canada goose outlet take a day, but I couldn swallow and I buy canada goose jacket couldn drink, so that was really difficult.”And it was once I got home, that is when it all went down hill. I was in bed for four weeks.”I was suffering from exhaustion, I just slept for hours and hours and I was just so disorientated.”I had an abscess in my mouth and I didn know about it and when I was brushing my teeth, I couldn feel what I was doing and I pulled my tooth out.