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Would you dare hold a door open for a woman

I uk canada goose getting increasingly frustrated by discussions on why men shouldn hold doors open for women. It seems to be fashionable right now for independent women to belittle canada goose outlet men and denounce door holding as condescending and anti feminist Well, I’m an independent woman myself. Yet canadian goose jacket I have no problem if a man or a woman, or child, canada goose outlet nyc for that matter holds a door open for me, particularly if I’m struggling with shopping bags, a tray or whatever. canada goose coats on sale But conversely, I’ll also happily hold a door open for someone else whenever I wish, whether they’re male, female, animal, vegetable or mineral. Why does gender canada goose outlet online matter anyway?

Without manners, we’d all be canada goose factory outlet barging, shoving, snatching, grabbing, interrupting and arguing our way through every day, setting a terrible example for our children.

Mike often holds doors for me canada goose outlet toronto factory and for other people too. I don’t see it as old fashioned or demeaning, just considerate. He’s often thanked, but sometimes not, however Canada Goose sale he’s canada goose outlet in usa always quick to say, ‘That’s OK, you’re very welcome!’ when ignored!

Manners cost nothing. canada goose outlet In my opinion, anyone who thinks someone being considerate is insulting their principles is just being controversial for the sake of it.

Come on women, just because you ‘can’ open your own door doesn’t make it an insult cheap canada goose if someone else does it for you. Learn to be gracious.

Shoppers in department stores are often accosted by salespeople canada goose outlet reviews spraying perfume or aftershave.

It frequently happens to me, but Mike also often has to run the gauntlet of overly enthusiastic spray waving assistants. One particular store has a very pushy young woman he actively tries to avoid.

One day he was shopping when she barged over, waving her latest fragrance inches canada goose outlet canada from his nose, shouting: ‘If you canada canada goose factory sale goose outlet jackets love your wife, why not treat her to this!’

Naughty Mike canada goose coats summoned up his most tragic face.

‘I don’t have a wife any more,’ he said sorrowfully.

‘She’s just left me. for my best friend!’

‘Oh my, that’s dreadful!’ the girl stopped in mid spray, visibly shocked.

‘Only joking!’ chuckled Mike, walking Canada Goose Online off.

She doesn’t bother https://www.st-edwards-cam.org.uk him any more.


Honestly, you’d never canada goose outlet parka believe how something seemingly small and innocuous can have such a big impact.

Since having our new en suite Canada Goose Outlet installed we’ve had what can only be called an ‘issue’ with the toilet.

A really tiny part needs replacing but, as it’s under warranty and it’s a fixed cistern, we can’t just get a local plumber to fix it quickly.

Oh no, it’s got to be a ‘special’ part, flown in canada goose outlet black friday from sunny Spain amid great pomp and circumstance and proudly hand delivered by a man from Porcelanosa.