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He had the glam/prog mix they were going for at the time

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It different for each school, but when the firms came into play during my recruiting season, it didn seem like they were too concerned about whether you were doing an MAcc/MBA/other as long as your focus was on getting eligible to sit for the CPA exam. I mentioned to my recruiters that I was interested in just getting my BBA and finishing graduate work at a different school. They expressed no hesitations or concerns regarding my intentions.

Tag your spoilers! Always tag your spoilers. (See Spoiler Guidelines below) Exceptions being in threads where the scope of discussion is clear. [Spoilers All] for instance. Sexual exploration with themselves or other kids their age is common, and that just requires boundary setting. But when one kid is significantly older than the other, or of significantly greater mental capacity, or physical size, that not normal. The power dynamic is everything.

Honestly, a lot of check my source us expected some discussion on the other subreddits and maybe a few remarks on Twitter, maybe a stray discussion somewhere else online. We knew there was a possibility of this taking off like it did in the past 24 hours but we thought it was slim. We did anticipate some negative feedback but we received far less than we expected, in comparison to the positivity and support we saw online..

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