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I’m sure that if Yolanda looked like she did

With friends like these, Yolanda Hadid certainly doesn’t need any enemies.

The new season of The Real canada goose factory sale Housewives of Beverly Hills kicked off tonight with the (sadly, soon to be divorced) Yolanda still canada goose jacket outlet in the canada goose outlet jackets throes of debilitating illness thanks to lyme disease diagnosis three years ago and to see her in such a diminished capacity was, well, shocking. She revealed that she hadn’t driven a car in three years. She barely canada goose outlet toronto factory leaves her Canada Goose Online house. She can hardly sit through canada goose outlet uk sale twenty minutes of Lisa Rinna’s birthday dinner. She admits, “Trust me, if it wasn’t for my kids, I would’ve jumped off the balcony already.”

Lisa, who admits early in the episode that she’s not criticizing Yolanda, but is questioning what’s going on with her (as if it’s any of her freaking business), and Todd really let loose with some ugly thoughts in both their confessionals and in the company of others when their supposed friend dares to show up to an event without any make up on because, you know, she’s incredibly sick and has more important things to worry about than eyeliner.

First, Lisa in a confessional: “I’m actually surprised to see Yolanda. She does not look good at all. She’s got nothing on her face at all. Not even a little bit of cheap canada goose uk under eye cover up canada goose outlet sale or canada goose outlet canada anything. Maybe you could canada goose uk outlet just take ten seconds to do that.”

Again, canada goose outlet in usa Lisa in a confessional, as Yolanda rushes to a restroom: “If I was going to a birthday party canada goose outlet online uk and https://www.ferienhaus-starnberger-see.de I felt that bad, I probably wouldn’t be there, you know? Yolanda doesn’t look well, she admits to not being well and what the cheap canada goose hell canadian goose jacket is it? What the hell is going on in her life?”

Ken, out loud, to other humans who somehow don’t stab him with their forks: “I told her she looked better. She didn’t. I promise you she did not look better. canada goose uk shop She looked terrible.”

And finally, Ken, in a confessional: “It’s always nice to be told by a man that you’re looking good. I’m sure that if Yolanda looked like she did, there’s canada goose store not many people telling her that she looks good.” (Why, it’s a wonder the compliment from this man didn’t cure Yolanda’s lyme disease wholesale!)

From the looks of things, this canada goose outlet black friday season will be dominated by Yolanda’s health woes and her co stars growing doubts over its validity. (What is this? Brooks Ayers 2.0?) So, prepare yourselves accordingly.

What else happened in the hour? Rinna sat for an interview with Oprah’s Where Are canada goose uk black friday They Now and threw herself a birthday party, Vanderpump threw out the first pitch at the Dodgers LGBT Night (because why not?), Eileen Davidson began redecorating her house (Zzzzzz), and Kyle Richards sold a TV show about her life that her older sisters aren’t too excited about.

Long story short: We’re hoping next week has a little canada goose outlet new york city more action.

Our Favorite One Liners:

“I’ve been so blessed but I have this underlying fear that on my tombstone it will say: She wore diapers.” Rinna

“I love the fact that the Dodgers are supporting the LGBT community because who’d have thought canada goose outlet shop years ago that I’d be there throwing the first pitch at this moment in time, especially for an English that knows diddly squat about baseball.” Vanderpump, completely missing the point of LGBT Night

“I know too many women that have married men with money that feel terrible because they’ve never done canada goose outlet anything. I mean, they have every bag known to man, they have everything, but does it really feel good? Probably. It probably feels great, actually.” Rinna.