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It is excessive for every Muslim soul

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Barbados is family friendly: the calm sea off the west coast, where most of the best places to stay are located, offers safe swimming and watersports, and excursions include a submarine trip, underground caves and a wildlife reserve. The 36 apartments are spacious and practical (think well equipped kitchens, washing machines), and overlook a large pool area. Paynes Bay, across the road, is one of the island’s best beaches.

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The wind chill was either 40 or 60; I honestly forget. I rode to the top twice, and to the bottom, where I re warmed, and did it again. I felt alone and stupid, but thrilled. Food vendors, too, mark the high street selling hot noodles, “gourmet hot chocolates” for 4 and creatively composed crepes. There’s also a Bubbles Bros tuk tuk offering prosecco on tap for a fiver a glass. Other sustenance comes in the form of Itsu, Le Pain Quotidien and a trusty Pret.

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Today PaperNOT many people have heard of sarcoidosis but this little known disease affects many local residents, including Jeanette DeFries. A close family member has this condition and Mrs DeFries is now an awareness and fund raising ambassador. Sarcoidosis is a condition in which abnormal nodules, called sarcoid granulomas, appear in the body tissues and the lungs are most commonly affected.

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