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Let say the d100 came up as a 9

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The big difference people here miss is that before they owners were required to pay out $8.55/hr MINIMUM. Now they are basically required to pay 8.55/hr MAXIMUM, but likely less. So if the employee got $2 in tips that hour, Sonic only pays 6.55, versus 8.55.

(My wife sliced her finger open trying to help someone on a crowded bus and it was in an ugly spot where it wouldn stop bleeding. We ended u having to talk to the Front Desk for band aids as it was at the end of the night and the shop was closed. The Resort Manager ended up working with us to get paramedics, who basically wrapped it and said “Keep it clean and re wrap it with the stuff we leaving behind each day.”)Last summer my wife and I signed up for the DVC salespitch.

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