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National Park Service’s Mote Marine canada goose outlet Lab

A Litany of Laughable Arguments Against

Some at the recent council meeting argued that people don’t wash their reusable bags often canada goose outlet canada goose uk outlet sale enough and that not washing them invites bad bacteria canada goose outlet online uk and introduces the potential for more illness. It’s nice that those using https://www.kabbalah-arizal.nl that argument are concerned about people’s health because rivers and oceans choked with single use plastic also pose health problems. By that same canada goose factory outlet logic, you could make the argument that we should all use single use dishware, because people aren’t responsible enough canada goose outlet new york city to canada goose outlet online wash their dishes. If you’re reading this, don’t forget to wash your reusable grocery bags from time to time but keep using them.

Another amusing argument introduced recently is the one stating that Bend has yet to conduct a study to find out whether plastic is really a problem in our local canada goose coats on sale area. This one should warrant not much more cheap canada goose than a face palm. A simple look at the fences around Knott Landfill reveal one striking visage: Plastic bags, stuck in the canada goose uk shop fences and canada goose outlet black friday blowing canada goose outlet jackets every which way. National Park Service’s Mote Marine canada goose outlet Lab, plastic never truly decomposes; even when immersed in canadian goose jacket water, it turns into “microplastic” that uk canada goose can harm people and animals and marine life. It also gums up the machinery at our landfill.

Yet another comical argument against reducing our local consumption of canada goose outlet canada plastic: That this is something that should be legislated at the state level, not the local one. We’d love to see a statewide ban on single use plastic and not just the grocery bag type but until that happens, we appreciate the fact that local governments still have the power to answer a call from canada goose outlet their constituents, and to do the right thing at the local level no matter what those higher up in the governmental chain happen to be doing. This bag ban effort stemmed from a group of concerned locals who saw a problem and advocated to change it. That’s what local advocacy and Canada Goose online action looks like. official canada goose outlet Were Canada Goose Online goose outlet canada we to wait for federal or state action on any number of fronts, we’d be waiting canada goose a long time and the action may not take into consideration the local feedback that informed this particular ordinance.