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School is temporary and so many people make it 10 times more

Do the fluff assignments, don’t argue with your professors, stay out of the drama (could be a rule on its own), get your work done, and understand the difference between school and your job. School is temporary and so many people make it 10 times more difficult by stressing or complaining or arguing or whatever. Lecture is not the time to raise your hand and argue.

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Keep an eye out around here for puddles. These pumps can fail and overflow water on the floor. There usually a connection on the pump to shut off the furnace in that case, but it looks like you may not have that, or it’s not wired. The diversity of the landscape is mostly driven by the interaction of air masses and mountains. Picture: uk canada goose NASASource:SuppliedTidal Flats and Channels in the BahamasThe islands of the Bahamas are situated on large depositional platforms the Great and Little Bahama Banks composed mainly of carbonate sediments ringed by reefs. Picture: NASASource:SuppliedBowknot Bend in Utah, the United StatesThis section of the Green River canyon in eastern Utah is known as Bowknot Bend because of the way the river doubles back on itself.