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Tenenbaum, now a principal, board member and co chair of the

now he writes them

He and his wife, Jennifer, both love musical theater. “We’ve seen about 600 musicals between us,” Canada Goose sale says canada goose outlet new york city Tenenbaum. They keep score on spreadsheets, logging details fastidiously about all the plays they’ve seen together and separately.

“We’re an Ivy League couple, so of course we use spreadsheets,” Tenenbaum jokes.

The couple first met as undergrads at Brandeis University, a canada goose factory outlet small private college in Waltham, Massachusetts. Both were intent on becoming lawyers, but their shared interest in musicals was also canada goose outlet black friday something to bond over, says Tenenbaum. While at Brandeis, he also first revealed an interest in playwrighting, co crafting a musical about student life at the college with his roommate who, remarkably enough, also shared an interest in musical theater. “Dare to be Different” was produced by the school as part of parents festivities weekend Tenenbaum’s senior year.

Then it was on to more serious academic and life matters for Tenenbaum and his cheap canada goose wife to be, Jennifer. She studied law at Harvard Law School, he at the University of Pennsylvania cheap canada goose uk School of Law, maintaining their relationship long distance style during their law school years. Law degrees in their hands, they married and moved to the Twin Cities, where Jennifer went to work as corporate counsel for Imation Corp. in Oakdale, and Dan joined Minneapolis based Gray Plant Mooty. Not long after, he also joined the board of the Minneapolis Musical Theatre, a company dedicated to providing canada goose outlet jackets affordable access to musicals not elsewhere produced locally.

Fast forward 20 years, and here’s Tenenbaum one fine Sunday canada goose outlet uk night in May standing ticket taker watch at the door of the Electric Fetus record store in south Minneapolis. The occasion canada goose is the Twin Cities premiere weekend of “High Fidelity,” the first musical to be produced in a record store in the Twin Cities. Tenenbaum, now a principal, board member and co chair of the Entrepreneural Services Team at Gray Plant Mooty, canada goose outlet Canada Goose Online canada couldn’t be more delighted than to play a role in bringing “High Fidelity,” a play about a music canada goose outlet in usa store employee cum pop music uk canada goose outlet geek, into the record store.

“It’s going to be epic!” he says ahead of the show. To him befell the honors of securing the space for the show an easy sell to the Electric Fetus owner; marketing the show; and finally, collecting tickets at the door. The theater company maintains an all hands available policy for productions, he says and he’s one of the hands once production begins.

Tenenbaum had canada goose black friday sale seen the play in its original New York production years before. He also had some prior experience with “immersion theater,” having seen “Here Lies Love” in a black box theater at the Public Theater of New York. That play, a musical based on the rivalry between the Marcos and Aquina families over political control of the Philippines in the 1980s, opened his eyes to the possibilities of staging plays in unconventional ways. He goose outlet canada cites it as one of his all time favorites, along with a long list of others such as “Rent,” “Hamilton,” “Dear Evan Hansen,” “Wicked,” “Once On This Island,” “Beauty and the canada goose outlet nyc Beast” (not bad for a Disneyfied play!), “Falsettos” and the list goes go on and on. city, he says.

He rediscovered “Pickle Chiffon Pie” while going through some old books in his parents’ basement. He dusted off the book, reread it and thought it could still speak to children today. Just to be sure, he ran it past a local expert, his then 10 year old daughter. She gave it a glowing review. Meanwhile, he got back in touch with his old partner in playwriting from college, now a successful entrepreneur in Tucson, to talk about taking another crack at the literary life.

What would you say about writing another musical, Tenenbaum queried. “He replied, ‘what kind of weeds are you smoking in Minnesota?'” cheap canada goose Then they got down to business. If they could get the rights to the book, then he was Canada Goose Coats On Sale in, his friend said. “You’re the lawyer, so you can figure out how to get the rights,” he said. The book “has a great moral and characters,” and with some updating and dramatization, it forms the basis for a fine cheap Canada Goose children’s musical, Tenenbaum says.

“We shared it with the artistic director and new play development director at the Minneapolis Children’s Theater Company (CTC),” canada goose coats on sale he says. “They thought it had promise.”

The CTC couldn’t take it on for development but directed the playwrights to several other development companies in different parts of the country. That performance notably took place on the eve of Hurricane Sandy’s stormy assault on the Eastern Seaboard in September 2012. “That might have kept the attendance numbers down,” Tenenbaum https://www.cheshuntteamministry.org.uk allows.

Chronologically, the theater world operates by its own distinct clock. “Plays can take 10 years to produce. That’s not uncommon,” says Tenenbaum.

If and when the play is finally produced, the CTC might then be interested in revisiting discussions about producing it on its stage, Tenenbaum canada goose outlet online uk says.